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Business Booster

For an individual business one of the important thing is to get upgraded with the Updated technology. Hence, for this the most dominant thing is to get automated to achieve the goal of profit. Thus, the BrainBean Technolab is here to take you out of this problem of updated and automated technology with the majestic conclusion called as the Business Booster.
Hence, the BrainBean Technolab product – the “Business Booster” helps the individual company to get automated with the Great marketing, Flexible Prices and Premium Support. Thus, with this booster the individual’s business will get the benefits that seeks to have a regulated SEO with the Live analysis of website that conclude with the SSl Secure services as well as get the Customer inquiry widget with the 24/7 chat box that will keep you connected with your clients. This business booster will also provide the convenient and unlimited instant update that comes with the formed User friendly interface which has the conclusive exposure towards the conductive automation of you an company.

Transport system

One of the most recommend and important thing is considered to be the modernized Transport system and which considered to include the process of the most common ways of transport in where any goods and mobs are consisted to be transported. But due to unexpected conditions, the tracks or the other individual vehicles are very difficult to be tracked. Hence, this problem caused is considered to very common. Thus, the BrainBean Technolab has come with the new remedy of this inconvenience.

The BrainBean Technolab considers the automated software for the tracking of the multiple automated transport system. This technological automation is considered to be one of its kinds as because this software can locate the best outcomes of tracking. Our software will help the individual transport companies to track their vehicles at any location. Therefore, this innovation of us will make the companies riskiness and profitable.


The point of sales (POS) system is considered to be the contemplation for any company or the organization to the path of the success. Therefore, at The Brain Bean Technolab, the POS is defined to be the selling point for a company, when a customer executes the payment for goods or services and where sales taxes may become payable and affordable.

Hence, The Brain Bean Technolab understands and concludes to come with the solution of the POS Benefits. The benefits that include being having profitable tools like the management of the sells, expenses and it also includes the customized reports. This POS benefits also include features like- Improvising the management data, forming and establishment of contacts, regulates the records of the purchases and products. Whereas, by applying, our POS product our clients will get dignified outcomes.


The CRM is considered to be the Customer relationship managementThus, this concludes to be the ultimate solution and the product that we provide to our customers. Whereas, the CRM’s is formed to be the technological management system with the updated technologies and benefits of the approach to manage the company’s interaction with their valuable and embryonic customers.

Hence, the BrainBean Technolab considered our client’s satisfaction point and formatted the simplest conclusion of CRM products with our flavors of technology. Therefore, by using our technology the individual organizations get the convenience of having all in one gratification because they will have the benefits like a compilation of the data from a gamut of different communication channels that includes the company’s web solution, email, live chat, marketing of the materials and the social media.

Employees Tracking

The employees are one of the most important as well as an integrated pillar for any company or organization. Thus, the employees of the company are considered to be given the specified task which consists to be both on-field outdoor work and in-door office work. Thus, tracking the mistakes as well as tracking the data of work done by the in-door officials and  on-field outdoor working employees is considered to be very difficult. Hence, here comes The Brain Bean technolab’s tracking software.

Thus, The BrainBean technolab’s employee tracking software is considered to be the virtual platform that provides the on-time tracking facility with the magnificent accuracy. Therefore, this tracking platform consists of the time to time data receiving as well as updating. Whereas, by adopting our software, the individual organization has the benefit of updating with its old technology and get the accurate tracking with 0.01% error.

Barber & Beauties

The salon industry is considered to be one of the most important occupation and there are many up-gradation needed in the industry of the salon and cosmetics. As this industry is considered to be not very much focused by the tech geeks. Therefore, The Brain Bean Technolab brings the unique and accomplished mobile application for the salon automatization called the Barber & Beauties. We at the Technolab strongly believe that this application will help the salon and cosmetics industry. Thus, Barber and Beauties is considered to the new and innovative step towards the smart technological world.

Thus, the BrainBean Technolab considers for influencing the salon automatization, our product – “The barber and beauties” seem to be the one-stop solution for modern barbers and cosmetics.  The Barber & Beauties will automatize the individual’s business to the new and updatable level which will make our customers more confident and uplifted.